What is The Bruton Group?

The Bruton Group is an independent, commercial organisation providing a range of services for the infrastructure, energy and sustainability sectors. We run events, special briefings, business communication skills training and executive coaching.

The Bruton Group started in November 2007 as The Climate Change Forum. In October 2013, our name changed to The Bruton Group.


What is the format of the evening events?

Our events are held in the evening and usually have a speaker. An informal buffet is available for those wishing to eat and there are no formal seating plan. The evenings tend to draw to a close usually around 9.45pm.


Do you guarantee introductions at the events?

No. Introductions are by attendees’ mutual consent.


Can an attendee decline an introduction?

Yes, there is no obligation for an attendee talk to someone they don’t wish to. Introductions can be declined.


Who attends your events?

Attendees comprise:

• Senior executives from corporations focused on utilities, transport and infrastructure

• Executives responsible for sustainability within their organisations

• Directors and partners from the finance sector

• Chief executives from high-growth technology companies

• Representatives from the public sector and other coordinating bodies

• Leading academics with interests in infrastructure, energy and sustainability



Who attends your Networking Master Classes?

Typically our sessions are for middle to senior management and there is usually a maximum of fifteen delegates.


What is the format of your Networking Master Classes?

There are no slides or presentations and delegates are on their feet for most of the day. It is an open session and we deploy a range of techniques to ensure an effective learning experience.


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